This journey called Art has brought me a long way.  It has carried me at times when I needed an outlet for feelings of frustration and love.  It has brought me to work with some amazing companies and people.  It has also led me to cross the paths of so many who I have no idea I had an affect on and them vice versa.  I am constantly amazed by the creativity of others and inspired.  There are times I have no idea what path I am taking or why I am on it.   I feel lost……I wonder if I am making a difference.  Then late on a Friday night I check my PO Box and this arrives:


From Marion Armitage who says:  “You are such an inspiration.  Thank you.  This card may not be the prettiest but it is about you!  Flowers and hearts is ho I see you.  The ‘fan’ just represents the inspiration and love you send out to the air waves.  Love it and all you do.  I hope February is good to you.  Sending Love and Blessings, Marion”.  


Marion…it is the prettiest card.  And there is this from Jean Marmo:


This is from Jean who once told me “I am not the Artistic twin”…..Her word last year was Confidence and her art, personality and spirit touch me in ways I cannot express.

and also there was this box with a gift from Lisa Mita:


My word of the year……..Believe.  There were tears in my eyes as I read her handmade:  “Thank you for all you have taught me.  You are my inspiration, Lisa Mita”.


And this gift at New Year’s from my friend and inspiration, Andy Watson who keeps Mixed Media Monday’s going, the ♥ of the group….She said this calendar reminder her of me with all the positive quotes.



and I read comments on Facebook, my blog and via email:

“Just watched one of your videos off your blog. I wanted to thank you for doing it and being inspirational. Keep it up. TY.  Just a suggestion- You should put a tip jar. I would def tip you 🙂 ~ Matt T”

Matt, I love that idea of a tip jar……”If you like what I am doing here leave some love” LOL!


Susan Hansen “Tracy your mind astounds me…… Especially in the mornings.( And all times) .I absolutely love turning on my iPad and you are are such an inspiration. I just wish you were closer because I need a bottle of you some mornings. It has been a very tough 5 past months in my life, and just looking at you and your work some how gets me through, You are a very special person with a magnificent gift. And for that I thank you xxx”


Vicki Davis Gordon ….”been away from creating for a bit..I have forgot more than i ever knew…so …..i am still gonna dive in…wht the heck…can always paint over it…..Thanks Traccy for sharing your love of creating!!!”


It is not about the gifts.  I feel lucky to get such things…it is the words, the sharing of your art, the reminders that this art-filled journey I am on is filled with so many inspiring people along the way.  I am wearing that bracelet as a reminder of how much I love to do what I do and share it.  I do truly BELIEVE that this path I am is the one I am supposed to be on.  I am scared all the time that no one will get it.  These reminders have a way of coming in that even if one person get its, gets a message, or learns from something I share that is all that matters.

All I can say is I don’t know where I am going but I sure like where I’ve been (thank you White Snake).  The journey is oh so colorful and is taking me on some amazing places with some amzing artistic people!  Thank you. ♥


I BELIEVE 2014 will be amzing!  I will see you Monday for another edition of Mixed Media Monday tomorrow!!


“Look around today at the people around you, the circumstances you are in and the power that you might have to make the exact difference that you could make. It is big…very very big. Please work hard to see it, every day….and use this beautiful heart that you have been given. The world so needs you and your ideas and your kindness.”