It is that time again for Gingerbread to make an appearance and this year the twin's made Gingerbread Houses in their 4th grade classes.  I swear the best part of being a mom (and the most tiring) is trying to be there for them when they do those activities but I try not to miss them and what is an hour out of the day when this chance will only come once (or three times in my case)!!

What I enjoy watching most is their two difference approaches to the same project.  Joey is a have-at-it free spirited kind of guy.  He goes right into construction with no thought of where he is going.  Just glue and go…..


Michaela on the other hand must first line up her materials, think about her plan, think about where everything is going and then carefully construct.  Each piece of candy is meticulously placed and she is bound to make this a work of art (hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder where she gets this from).  There is some sort of saying involving an apple and a tree I believe. 


It really is fun to see the two of them in action.  Like I tell everyone, they are two unique individuals.  I was just pregnant twice at the same time.  I am thankful this year their classrooms are right across the hall from one another!  Last year I think I lost 10 lbs running across the courtyard between their classes. 

Let holiday traditions begin!  Kiddos are home for two weeks!  I may need some reminding how thankful I am for that as the days pass by. 


"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup." ~ Buddy from Elf (Will Ferrell)