Life is so darn busy with kids and families.  But girlfriends are there.  I miss those I cannot see nearly enough and for those who we can get those schedules to meet-up I am beyond thankful.


Friends1 friends


They steal you away to places you don’t feel like you fit in, nor do you want to….



They are brutally honest (trust me they are!) and stick with you until you say “Yes to the Dress”



and they do this to you…..



they are long time friends who call you for trips to Starbucks to just catch up……..thanks Susan!



they share sporting events…..

IMG_8926 IMG_8966


They visit from afar……and make the best mascara carrier ever to keep you on track.



they have your back………literally



they ring in holidays……


and there are more not pictured but on my mind……..So to my girlfriends near and far………..



I thank you.  I thank you for the hours of talking in good and bad times, through kids, life events and those plain old times to just be ridiculous!  Without you I am not sure what I would do.  The late-night group texts, the glass of wine and more…..

  • making so many ordinary moments, extraordinary.
  • always giving me the push I needed
  • telling me the truth
  • talking things out
  • being compassionate
  • making time for me
  • not judging and accepting me just the way I am
  • supporting me
  • being there through good and bad times
  • knowing that I cannot always being strong
  • facing things with me
  • going out of your way even when it is not convenient
  • walking the talk and walking the walk
  • believing in me
  • encouraging me when I stumble
  • making me feel comfortable in this crazy skin of mine
  • being YOU!

the comrodery to know that I am never alone makes all the difference.