Last week I got the chance to spend time with my cousin, one on one….just the girls.  She has grown up to be a beautiful, smart, woman (well, she did have me as a mentor LOL).  Had to say that otherwise she will think I mean all these compliments.  We are 17 years apart and we are the only two girls on my mom's side of the family so we have always been close. I am proud to say that I am her Godmother so I have had the great fortune to see her grow up and I have played many roles in her life. 

But now the playing field has leveled out and she is a woman (thankfully I still think of myself being in my late 20's so that bridges the age gap).  I wanted to spend some time alone without the kiddos and it was great……we took in the beach.

With our cooler packed and our red solo cups (thank you Toby Keith!) I took her to the place that means the most to me…..the beach for some "sand between the toes time".  She has a stressful job and this was what we both needed!TWB_3201a
We settled in for a great sunset…….

As the sun set we let it all go…..

the sky was amazing….the talk was even better and the laughs capped it off…


I am so proud of her.  She is an amazing woman and I value the bond we have.  I am also thankful she got my sense of humor (thank you to our family for that!) to add to her great beauty…….

Love you Chris………keep up the good work because you are making a difference.  This trip meant more to me than you will ever know!


"Don't wait for time – Make it. Don't wait for love - Feel it. Don't wait for money – Earn it. Don't wait for the path – Find it. Don't wait for opportunity – Create it. Don't go for less - Get the best. Don't Compare – Be unique. Don't fight for misfortune – Transform it. Don't avoid failure – Use it. Don't dwell on a mistake - Learn from it. Don't back down – Go around. Don't close your eyes – Open your mind. Don't run for life – Embrace it."