Well, my quest to see Lance Armstrong was partially successful.  I did get a Glance of Lance but did not realize it.  Kelly and I set out at 10:00 am to get a good "seat" (forgot the seats) for the Tour of California bike race.  We headed up Highland Valley Road and had big plans of trekking on our mountain bikes (no, there was no Lycra involved).  We got to the corner of Highland Valley Road and Bandy Canyon where the bikers turned to go up Palomar Mountain.  It was a prime location.  We sat and laughed, entertained the crowds with our silliness and talked cameras.  As always we were not prepared and had to sit on the concrete but made the best of it by doing chalk art
_TWB7148  _TWB7153  

We waited for an hour and then we heard on the radio "30 seconds to the riders".  With our cameras in ready position (lots of adjustments in that hour), we were ready.  Around the bend they came and the anticipation was great 
_TWB7180 Here they come…..
_TWB7187  _TWB7192  
_TWB7195  _TWB7203  

I was shooting a million shots a second just hoping that in that split second Lance would pass by….
_TWB7211  _TWB7213   

Shooting, shooting, shooting hoping for that one Lance Glance
_TWB7214 Wait a moment, Let's hone in on this one!
_TWB7214-2 WOO HOO!!!!!!! I had no idea I got the glance but after careful examination when I got home Tyler spotted him.  It was a split second Glance of Lance that I did not even know I had gotten but I did all the same!

And then they were gone
_TWB7218  _TWB7237  

Just like that it was over.  The crowds quieted, the sound of bikes whizzing by was silent, and the support cars were gone.  Shows over.  

Kelly and I walked away wondering what was on our cameras.  We had no clue but in 2 minutes I shot over 95 shots and I hoped for the best.  There was no biking in to get close, no crowds to contend with, NO LYCRA on my body and a brief walk to our destination.  Job well done as my goal was not to exercise.  For about 2 minutes Kelly and I debated some sort of exercise but those cameras were burning holes in our hands so we headed home.  As always, I had a great time Kel!  Thanks for another adventure to add to our books.  And thank you Lance for showing up on my camera.  It was nice surprise!