2009-map So on my Life List I have "Touch the Yellow Jersey from the Tour de France".  Now that may not happen immediately but I have faith.  In the meantime I have a new quest and it is my "Glance of Lance" Tour 2009.  And Lance Armstrong is going to be in my zip zode tomorrow.  He is riding the Tour of California that ends in Escondido Sunday.  So armed with our cameras, Kelly and I are on a quest for a Glance of Lance.  Due to the crowds expected we decided to forego the start/finish and access through back way.  We have decided this will totally work or be a catastrophe of some nature.  We are loading up are bikes and are going to drive in as close as we can and then with cameras on our backs we will be pedaling our keysters off to see the bikers.  Does anyone see any potential problems with this?  Two crazy girls on bikes with camera gear on their bikes.  Gee, glad we got that hike in this week to warm-up.

Now I have to put my mind to this one because if there is a slight window of opportunity to get a photo we are on it.  And I will certainly be happy with a chance to see Levi Leipheimer as well.  I am excited to experience a bike race in person as I am a real fanatic of the Tour de France.  So, with this said, we are hoping for the best but if you hear of two women in some ravine somewhere, that may be us.  I can hardly walk on two feet let alone ride on two wheels.