I have been put in an interesting position this year as a Soccer Mom…….the mom of not one but two goalies.  For some reason both boys play goalie for part or the whole games.  I am so proud when I hear others say that "Joey(Tyler) is our best goalie".  Some games there is no action and I just sit back and am thankful they are not running back and forth and getting heat exhaustion.  Some games are a clear blow outs and I just will the final whistle to blow. 

Occasionally I capture a good header……

TWB_3706aOr we can have some games like last weekend.  For Tyler it was playing the undefeated team and when he took over goal in the second half it was already 4-2 (us losing).  Our team fought back and then with one bad bounce of the ball a goal went past Tyler.  It was a ball he could have blocked but it got by him. 

Of course with seconds to go our team fought back and tied it up and in Tyler's mind he lost that game.  There is nothing this Goalie Mom can say to ease the pain but let him blow off steam.

The boys had back to back games and I headed to Joey's game only to find him in goal in the same situation.  The difference between a 13 year old attitude and a 9 year old one…this picture says it all….

However, with Joey……when he sees what he gets in the after-game snack that all seems to disappear.  Isn't it a miracle how a bag of chips or a Twinkie can erase all your troubles?  I think there should be a snack bag for moms……preferably with some chips/salsa and and an adult beverage to have to deal with all the ups and downs of being a Soccer Mom.


The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.  ~Emile Zola