Last week I had the honor of seeing Tyler promote from 8th grade to a Freshman in High School! Just yesterday here he was going into kindergarten!

Tyler_Kinder and here he is today

so proud…..

I have mixed feelings about all the hoopla over promotions (i.e. preschool, elementary school, etc.) when they are moving on to the next step as they expected to do. But the ceremony was great and I was so proud of Tyler.  He was acknowledged for The Presidential Academic Award and National Junior Honor Society. I just took it all in and lived in that moment as they read his name off……. 

It was great to sit among my friends in the stands gushing with pride for our kiddos. They really are a great group of kids.  I also had the honor of seeing Tyler's good friend, Chandler receive the highest honor….The American Legion Award!  I was sitting next to his mom and my best friend and we were messy blobs of tears.  I was so proud of him as if he were my own!  That was a great moment…way to go Chandler!


Sitting next to my friends we talked about how instantly we had teenagers on our hands!  I don't feel old enough to have a high schooler but sure enough we do!    Another great step toward his future.  Another step toward him becoming an adult….another great step toward the man he will be.  For now, just a proud mom with a heart swelling with pride…..

Let summer break officially begin!



"Being a parent is the toughest job in the world and there's no school you can go to for it" ~Peter Gallagher