Google So the other day in a moment of boredom I decided to Google myself.  Having the name Weinzapfel really allows yourself to stand out a bit and it seems the internet is filled with Weinzapfel’s.  There are mayors, doctors, dentists, polititians, architects, and me. 

There is even a lake! 

Weinzapfel Lake, Texas

Weinzapfel Lake is the result of Elm Fork Watershed Services Site 6B Dam is on a tributary of Brushy Elm Creek in Cooke County, Texas and is used for irrigation purposes. Construction was completed in 1957. Its normal surface area is 8.7 acres. It is owned by Upper Elm Red Swcd.

Elm Fork Ws Scs Site 6b Dam, also known as Weinzapfel Lake is of earthen construction. The foundation is rock, soil. Its height is 44 feet with a length of 1750 feet. Maximum discharge is 7069 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 587 acre feet. Normal storage is 51 acre feet. It drains an area of 1.2 square miles.

I just may have to go take a dip in there just to say I have.

Funny but in one way or another I am related to all these people and it seems we were important enough to have a lake named after us.  This is our legacy.  But what is my Legacy?  What will I leave behind?  Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos.  There is only one of her (many are thankful for that!)……seems like it is too late to have a lake named after me but it is never too late to live my legacy.  Amazing what one thinks about when she sees 1 of 2010!…..

Google Results 110 of about 2,010 for tracy weinzapfel. (0.21 seconds)

Take a moment to Google yourself……interesting.  However, if your name is Jones or Smith you may have some digging to do there.  See, there is a benefit to learning the alphabet to spell your own last name.  And oh the nicknames!  I will save that for another post.