Alisha Tagged me so here goes nothing….

  • Three people/things that make me laugh:  my family (that counts as 4) and the stupid things I do (which is quite a few)
  • Three things that scare me:  Scorpians, public speaking, falling from high places.
  • Three things I love:  my family, my friends, waking up every day.
  • Three things I hate:  being late, smoking & the day I don’t wake up.
  • Three things I don’t understand:  litter bugs, the mechanics of automobiles, why gravity has to be so mean to my body.
  • Three things on my desk:  Two Printers, My Moniter & Telephone (my scrapbook desk is a whole other story)
  • Three things I want to do before I die:  I got a whole Life List of things.  Can’t limit to just three.
  • Three things I can do:  scrapbook, laugh at myself, be a Mom & Wife (the verdict is still out on how good I am at both)
  • Three things I would like to learn:  Photoshop Elements, how to cook and enjoy it, Paragliding (ok, so I could not think of a third one but that sounds good.
  • Three favorite foods:  cooked mushrooms, blueberries, artichokes (not together of course)
  • Three beverages I drink regularly:  water, tea (green & regular)
  • Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid:  Brady Bunch, Fame, CHIPS (maybe that is why I moved to California).

Tag to Allison, Gayla, Cindy!