Back in March I embarked on my Gratitude Journal project and I started it on Helmar's Ustream

Page after page I could feel the effect of gratitude fill me.  There were simple things that I was grateful for…my journal, a cup of tea to the big things…my kids, perspective, being a Mom.  I let it go art wise and just let the process take me.  I forgot about my OCD and left the perfection behind.  I put my heart into it and left my cares behind on each page and love the final project!

So here I will give you a re-cap of each page…

TWB_7414a TWB_7426a TWB_7494a TWB_7542a TWB_7547a TWB_7557a TWB_7757a TWB_7953a TWB_7962a TWB_7969a TWB_8005a TWB_8009a TWB_8022a TWB_8234a TWB_8298a TWB_8306a

In the process of all this I had many great comments and many who shared the journey with me.  I loved it!  This comment from Doris will cap off this journey for me…..

"Fantastic page! I'm so sad that your journal is nearly complete! …..I think I'd like to create pages, then bind them into books, but see how long I could keep coming up with new things to be grateful for. 😀 My first gratitude journal is not quite going to be a mixed media journal like yours, but you certainly have inspired me to journal all the little things that make life great that I am thankful for. 😀 I am so blessed and love the opportunity to put to pen, ink, paper and embellies all my counted blessings. Thanks for continuing to inspire me every day! Love the idea for the new journal btw. LOVE affirmations and quotes"

But the Gratitude Journey is never complete!  I have my next project in the works and it will be a Helmar LIVE Ustream project so we can take this journey together!  Get your Helmar glue ready and also gather your favorite quotes and daily affirmations!  We are going to dig deep on this one!

Thank you all who shared this with me!


"Visualize your goals.  Trust yourself. And never, ever,be afraid to fail" ~Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger