Is it possible to have a great day AND have your car break down?  Well, I had that day.  I started it by waking up 35 minutes late which put a kickstart to the day.  I had a list of things to do and #1 was going around town asking for donations for our silent auction basket for baseball.  Once I was on my way I got into conversation with our preschool teacher who graciously offered to make the team basket for me!  How great is that?  She sells Creative Memories and said she has plenty to fill a basket and really took a load off my shoulder.  This freed me up to run a few errands down the hill including getting cables for my new printer.  And, I was able to run an errand for a friend.  Meanwhile I felt like the truck was running bad and that concerned me.  By the time I got home the "Check Engine" light came on and then progressed to blinking. UGH!  I do not need this right now. 

After some phone calls to the dealorship I headed down with three kids in tow. Needless to say this put me in a bit of a funk and the kids were dreading it.  On the way down I was listening to a Radiothon for a local Children’s Hospital.  A letter was being read about a local 12 year old boy that died this month unexpectently from an infection.  The letter was heart-wrenching from this poor mother.   As I got closer to the repair place my whole demeanor changed to a calm feeling of being grateful.  Here I was fretting over a simple car and someone lost their dear son.  That moment I could have cared less about the flashing service light and the strange noises.  It was about looking in the rear-view mirror a the kids.  I am grateful I have them and I have a running car to fix at all.   I literally walked into the dealorship a little too happy.

I was able to contine to count my blessings while waiting. The kids were good and we all snuck to the drugstore for junk food (which they never get).  I got to thinking about how great my friends are in my life.  Our preschool teacher just stepping up her time and talents to help me with that basket is an example.  So $280 and two hours later we were headed home.  This was not the day I expected but is it ever.  Good things are all around.