Friday I had the pleasure of shooting my largest group yet!  I shot the entire elementary school photo in the shape of the "Just Say No" symbol.  Thankfully I had the fun job.  I get to hit the shutter button and don't have to coral over 500 kids and teachers into a circle.  The not-so-fun part was being on an 18 foot ladder on the bed of a flat-bed truck.  The wind blowing did not help anyway but as always I had Kelly by my side to help out. 
Tracy-9222 Please ignore the double chin…thank you! 

The most fun part of the photo was when they handed the megaphone to me.  Tyler was in the front row and the look on his face was priceless.  I could hear him thinking "Lord help me, who on earth is handing this woman a megaphone".  This is when you realize you are no longer cool to your 6th grader.  It did make me feel better when the twins and their friends said I was funny. 

Let me tell you it is some great effort to get over 500 people in a circle but our PTA volunteers rocked it! 

Here they come…..
_TWB2292 _TWB2297 

And the final outcome………………..