Tonight Michaela had her first gymnastics class.   She LOVED it!  SheDsc_7705 was so serious and listened intently.  There are only four kids.  Two of them are boys and one was kind of bothering her and I thought it was hilarious when she asked him to stop so she could listen.  She is so serious.  So far I like it so much more than dance….Dsc_7683no expensive outfits, no fancy shoes, and no recitals.  Ok, so it is only her first class.  I think she is enjoying doing something that does not involve the boys.  I thought about signing up Joey since we decided not to do winter baseball but  I think this individual girl time isDsc_7693 good for her.  Plus Pete likes those "manly" sports for the boys.  LOL  I was surprised that they went right into trying things like back bends.  She was pretty limber.  My limber days are well over.   

In my Pilates/Yoga class this morning I noticed just how un-limber (is that a word?) I am.  I guess I need to work on that.  That is my new class that I am trying once a week and so far I love it.  I need to mix it up since I am getting a bit bored at the gym. 

Yesterday I pulled the flutes out of the attic for Tyler to use.  I decided to pick one up and I was surprised how much I retained.  I honestly think it may be kind of fun to pick up some of those beginner books and see if I can rekindle some of my music spirit.  I have always missed playing.  I wonder if it is too late to take a lesson or two.  I could still actually play a scale. 

Monday I start reading to one of the kindergarten classes.  I love to do that.  I get to pick the books and I have lots of neat ones from Michigan that I use.  I will be doing that once a week this year and am looking forward to it.  Last year I dressed up as Cat and the Hat and read Dr. Seuss books.  Those kids called me Cat in the Hat all year.  It was so cute.  I guess I better get that costume out of the attic.