Guys just do not get this so to my two dedicated Uncles who religiously read my blog with their morning cups of coffee….this post is not for you. 

So for the past 10+ years I have been with the same hairdresser.  Most women make a commitment to their hair lady and never cheat or leave them.  You may get a bright idea one day think you can leave it. 
So you "try out" a new person only to return on bended knee to your regular girl and explain it was a lapse of judgment, you just came out of a coma, it was an emergency or some other dumb excuse.  But they know and they take you back. 

I had been loyal and driving 1 hour (1 way) to the say girl for more than 10 years.  She always did a nice job but I had to take a day away from my busy life to steal away and get a haircut.  Then one day in 2007 I decided I would stray and that was the day I received orange hair……..I literally drove home and looked in the rear view mirror and wondered who the girl with the orange hair was!

Orange1 It with great hesitation that I share this photo and relive it but here it is.  But we have all had those haircuts that made us cringe…oh Lord, the Dorthy Hamill, the bowl cut and do I remember my mullet days!  Us women even name our hairdo's.  They are that important.

I made that drive and returned on bended knee and made up some excuse for my disloyalty and she went to work fixing it.  I have continued to hate that drive so I decided it was time for a change again.  But having a landmark birthday had me concerned and I do not want to go into it with purple hair or another mullet.  So I set the appointment and yesterday the day dawned.  Hair1

I was nervous and even made the "other woman" nervous.  I explained my need to be a brunette as that is who I am but with a tinge of the blonde from the "Housewives of Orange County".  After all I do live in sunny Southern California.  I also explained to her she needed to make me look younger and my butt look smaller.  Nothing like stacking on the pressure. 

She went to work returning me to my natural brunette with some fun-loving blonde tossed in…

TWB_9152-Edit copy

I now envision myself at 85 writing up this same blog post with blue hair and wondering what I was thinking at this age.  But I will tell you one thing, my butt may not be smaller but she did not find one grey hair on my head.  It is the small things that bring me great joy.