Halloween 2015 has come and gone and it was again celebrated with friends……..our annual Halloween fest.


Our kids are growing…many are in college and boy how things have changed through the years…..


Halloween is not just for kids and we rallied to celebrate with and for our kiddos.


I paid special honor and went as my fella…John Bass (all I had to do was raid his side of the closet)


There were those we missed and we honored in photos and in our hearts…..


Thanks friends for a great Halloween.  We laughed and cackled loud and it felt great to be with you all.  Love my Village and all our kiddos.  So true when we were talking that we have all been part of their upbringing.  May they hold these memories near and dear as they get older and move on.

This brings us into November where I am ever mindful of being grateful for so much…..



Trust yourself in this process of simplifying.  Your nature does not consist of complication and overwhelm.  Your negative thoughts are not true, but they are real in your mind and questioning them helps you overcome these ingrained self-sabotaging beliefs.  At your core, you will find your essence on this journey.  Your nature is peace, simplicity and love.  You may be far removed from that state now but you are just getting back to where you really belong, so stay with the right questions and the right answers will gradually show up.  It’s all about uncomplicating your life, one thought at a time.”