I had the cutest little man over my house on Halloween.  Although him and I don't know one another real well that did not stop me from chasing him around for a good 20 minutes with a big black camera in front of my face.  I don't think he will want to return soon but oh the pictures were so worth it…….who could resist those blue eyes!


Isn't he just the cutest Superman you ever did see?  Now once he gets over the trauma and night sweats of the big scary lady dressed as a hot dog chasing him around (someone should have gotten a picture of that!) I am sure he will want to come back.  Gee, I hope he does not grow up now with some sort of hot dog phobia.  Is there such a thing…….Meat By-Product Phobia.  Ok, so this got me thinking and I had to Google it and sure enough I may have given Connor Fear of Hot Dogs.  Oh good Lord………now along with my own kids I have to put money in his theapy jar. 

Thanks Dave and Tracy for bringing him over on Halloween!  See ya next year Connor when you put those nightmares behind you!