We officially kicked off Halloween 2012 at school on Friday!  This is one of my favorite holidays!  This year I have a pirate girl and red M & M



I got a kick out of Joey picking out his costume because said "Mom the Red M & M is the who is says "OH it's that kind of Party" Commercial"……..yep that's Joey!



I just love what they picked out



So awesome to be there…….I think I went as Mom with CRAZY hair!!



It was off to school for a costume parade and parties before I headed off to work……..where my thought was "I LOVE being so present at my kids activities! Love my mom gig the best! Time to put my work hat on now :)"…..Having that priority straight makes the rest fall into place and is icing on the cake!



What a great WAY to start my Friday that was followed by a meeting and a call from the girls to meet for lunch (Ya gotta love good friends who trace you down for some grub at the local watering hole) and then FOOTBALL!  It is Homecoming Weekend! 

Hope your weekend is awesome!


 "Purpose is the reason you journey.  Passion is the fire that lights your way"