I LOVE Halloween.  I try to fit absolutely every Halloween tradition in that I can and this week was no different. There is still tons to be done in just two days!  The first tradition I love even though I grumble a bit through it…….I love to make candy treat bags for the kid's classes.  I am down to only being able to do this for 2 kids now.  I have come to terms that my 7th Grader may get his butt kicked if he brings in hand crafted treat bags.  Hmmmmmm……I could threaten him with that one day.  I think the fact that his mom has the most embarrassing costume this year may cut it. 

This year I had to go simple because I had 50 of them to make….. 



I created these with scrap cardstock and the following materials:

  • Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots (to 3-dimension the spider)
  • Inkadinkado Stamps
  • Ink & Embossing Powder

These were fast and easy and even easier when you toss down about 20 Almond Joys as you do them.  The chocolate high alone kept me going until 2 am last night.  The problem was I was back at the store today buying more candy that I shorted myself.  That also explains why I had to drag my ever-expanding rear up the mountain this morning.  I figure with all that coconut they are good for me. 

And I know that as each 7 year old tears apart those tags to get to the candy they will study and appreciate my artistic effort.  Just standing there and taking in their appreciation for my art will be enough.  So who cares if those boys tear them in half and leave remnants on the floor.  This dear sweet mom will just chase them down and give them a lesson in art appreciation.

Stay tuned for more of my Halloween craziness.