I don't know how to summarize the last couple of days other than Halloween Mayhem.  And I loved just about every minute of it.   My last 48 hours has included……

  • Two Halloween 2nd grade Parties
  • School Halloween Parade
  • 1.5 hours Trick or Treating in our town
  • Dinner at Souplantation with 6 kids!
  • Pumpkin Carving until 10 pm
  • Decorate house and make Chili for Halloween Gathering
  • Party 18 people…….including me serving said Chili (which I have proof was eaten down to the last drop!)
  • More Trick or treating for 2 hours
  • After party-party at my house
  • Clean up

I guess the only way to really say it is with pictures……….


So here is our motley crew…………


And here is the little clan adorned in our costumes.  See I told you my costume was ridiculous but how could I resist dressing up with the boys. There is nothing more sexy than a hot dog….(ok, I know there are tons of jokes here and trust me I heard them all)

Sunday………………….Day of rest.  Is it any wonder I needed to take it easy today!  Thanks everyone who came over and celebrated my most favorite holiday with us!

This concludes my Halloween Adventures……..stay tuned for Thanksgiving "Tracy-Style" where I will share cooking recipes, turkey tips and how to make lace doilies.  Oh goodness now that should be entertaining!  That is one holiday that revolves around being in the kitchen and cooking.  That Halloween chili has just done me in for a year!  I don't want my friends to know that I will actually start bringing entree's to events.  I still want to be known as the "Chips & Salsa" girl.