I am getting in the Halloween spirit!  It is now one of my favorite times with the kiddos.  This year I made Halloween treats with two of my favorite companies DecoArt (featured on their blog HERE) and Viewtainer……candy treats for the kid’s classrooms…


I used the new DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin paints (LOVE the colors)!



They are so easy to make.  Cut your own tag out of thick cardstock or watercolor/acrylic paper.  Use masking tape (I highly recommend FrogTape Shape Tape Wave & Chevron) to create some fun designs/borders.



Add some details with a Sharpie and stamp or write Halloween message:



Affix to small Viewtainers filled with candy with ribbon of your choice:


MATERIALS LIST:  Paints & Gesso (DecoArt – Satin Multi-Surface Eggplant, Lavendar Fields, Iris, Leprachaun, School Bus, Cottonball, Orange Sherbet, Pumpkin Patch, & Black Tie), Containers (Viewtainers), Ink (Stayz On), FrogTape Shape Tape, Marker (Sharpie), Hole Punch, Stamps (unknown)



Happy Halloween everyone! Let the Fall Fun begin.  For more DecoArt fun make sure to stay tuned on my blog: www.tracywburgos.typepad.com and my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tracyweinzapfelstudios
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