Today the kids all got out their costumes to wear to the school carnival.  Now as much as I love Fall activities my Michigan attitude kicks in.  I think Fall should be a bit overcast with a cool breeze and leaves blowing.  I should not be running back into the house to put on a tank top and flip flops!  That is California for you.  The carnival was hot and sunny. Not to mention the chocolate all melted in Micky’s bag making a nice mess and JoJo was constantly hungry.  Did I mention that Tyler ran out of tickets every 6 seconds.  OK, so mommy was a bit grumpy.  The photos came out great and we are back home where the kids could nap and I could enjoy a calming cup of tea.  All is balanced again.  Tyler won third price in the Halloween costume contest.  They said to get in character and he did just that by saluting and doing push ups.  It was so cute.  That is my theatrical one while JoJo runs close for the most dramatic.  Gotta love it.  One more party tonight running around with flashlights in a haunted avocado grove.  I hope it cools down!

We also carved our pumpkins today.  That was fun.  HAPPY Halloween everyone!