This past weekend I decided I needed a new pair of shoes and they needed to suit me. I grabbed a pair of white canvas shoes I had and went to it.  I came up with these….

By the response I got after posting these on Facebook I figured lots more people may want to paint their own shoes too!

So let’s paint shoes together on July 27th!  Info and sign ups are here: Hand Painted Shoe Workshop

This class will be LIVE on Facebook and will be recorded for later viewing.  If you are looking for supplies/shoes for the class make sure to check out my Resources Page:

Here are the DecoArt paints I recommend:
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I have to say it was fun to wear them this weekend as I ventured around Balboa Park….so many people asked where I got my shoes.  That sure made me feel great!

I cannot wait to see all the cools shoes that we are going to paint together!