I love 4th of July and I love Coronado.  It is the most patriotic place to be and happy this year to go to the parade once again.  This time I dragged along the kiddos (Ty had to work his first holiday) but I had the others to drag along….



Of course there was the annual trip to Marilyn’s which is always awesome!


and fun hanging with this bunch……

Thanks friend!


From top to bottom this day was great and watched the fire works with my man on a nice quiet spot in the grass…..



Not sure the kids love a parade as much as I do but I loved having them there for them to see how great living in USA is!  Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!



Sometimes the bad things that happen in your life put you on a direct path to the best possible things that could ever happen to you.  You just have to give yourself another chance to get there.