For someone who creates cards for a living I sure am bad at getting them addressed and to the post office so I chose to use this public forum to wish my Mom……….   


Dear Mom.

I love you and hope that you know what an inspiration you are to me.  As a 38 year old woman/mother I can really connect with the challenges and victories you celebrated as a mother.  No one hands over a manual on how to be a good Mother but you certainly gave me good examples and advice to carry me through.  Every day is a new adventure but I feel with the foundation you gave me I am able to do the best possible job.  Yes, there are mistakes to be made and your grandchildren call me out on every one but for the most part I can pull the wool over their eyes.  I look at my very own daughter and hope that one day she will thank me as I feel thankful to you.

You are an incredible Mom and and wonderful Grandma.  All your grandchildren have such a special connection with you.  You make each one feel so special and you make time to spend special moments with each one.  Those are the memories that will stay with them forever.  We are all blessed to call you ‘Mom’ and ‘Grandma’.
I Love You……..

Your daughter and biggest fan,