A letter to my Mom because I know she reads my blog every morning……

Dear Mom,

I get it now.  When I was in my teens and you said “Wait until you are a Mother”.  Yep, here is that letter you have been waiting for. Do you remember when you giggled when I said “it’s twins!”.

I now know that this Mom gig is the hardest job ever and you did that job with beauty, compassion and strength!  You are encouraging, supportive and the best listening ear.  You are always there for a phone call, a hug, smile and more to help me weather the storm of being a Mom. You are there to share in the victories.  You early on shared  your ability to be sarcastic and laugh with me while being compassionate when I needed you most.  Truly I am not sure how I would tackle this job without you as an example and I would not be the Mom I am today.  I get it now.

Thank you…Mom (and now the best Grandma)……..I love you.

Trace, the first one to call you Mom

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We Love you……..Happy Mother’s Day!