Mother I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Mom a Very Happy Mother's Day!  She is the most amazing mom a girl could ask for. Until recent years I realized a lot about my relationship with my mom.  We did not always see eye to eye growing up and in my teenage years I think there was a time or two she wanted to ring my neck (I know those times more than ever with my own teenager) and as a daughter you don't like to hear those words "you are just like your mother"….but over the years I know just what a compliment that is and there is no use denying it…I am a lot like my mother!  We both are very proud of our matching hangers and can use a label maker like no other! Who would not like to be like someone who is smart, funny, intelligent, stylish, beautiful, fit, a great wife, caring, loving, honest, a role model as a mom and grandma, and more! 

TWB_2118aFour Generations

Do we still get at each other……you bet.   But she knows how to take me on and to this day she will never ask me if she should butterfly a steak.  We always end up laughing.   

I love that she is only a phone call away to let her know of my good days and my "melancholy days" as we like to put it and vice versa.  I cannot tell you how great it feels when she calls me for advice or says I am a good mother.  That is like Picasso saying you are a great artist!  So today Mom, I am proud to "be just like my mother.  We both know how to hold our own and use a label maker!  We can laugh our self silly, drink a beer, and talk about anything.  What more could a daughter ask for?……….She could ask that she has half the relationship with her own daughter that we have!     

I am proud to call her my best friend and my Picasso.  I love you Mom.  Happy Mother's Day!


Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  ~Author Unknown