Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I love this week and holiday.  I took the week to get in some walking miles in with my dear friend……over 20 miles!

walk walk1

For some reason this year it feels like with the influx of Christmas decorations and music playing Thanksgiving is like an afterthought.  But I love it and after the tunnel vision of the wedding it felt good to welcome in Turkey Day.  It is the one day I do not mind cooking (minus the year I dumped the turkey on the floor but any year my family will stop reminding me of that).  This year was no different as we brought together out two families.  The table was longer and more full.  I abided by my keep it simple rule and fooled everyone with plastic silverware and flatware.  They had no idea until they went to pick them up.



loved the football watching and hanging around..



and cooking with my co-pilot…


Lots of peeps at the table.



More miles to walk but we are on it.  Thankful for the food and blessings at this time of year and I am officially not moving on to Christmas until after next week!  I call a time out from things for now.  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  I know for sure I was counting my blessings.

 It’s always better to attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.  It’s not over if you’ve lost; it’s over when you do nothing but complain about it.  If you believe in something, keep trying.  Don’t let the shadows of the past darken the doorstep of your future.  Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any brighter.  Take action instead.  And regardless of what happens in the long run, remember that true happiness begins to arrive only when you stop complaining about your problems and you start being grateful for all the problems you don’t have.”