Today my 'baby" turns 16……..Wow!   To the first person who gave me a new Title and the first person to call me Mom….



So proud of the man he is becoming and every day I pray that as his mom I am doing the best I can.  He is my world…



It goes by so fast……





I am so happy to be your mom, be part of your successes and obstacles.  May I be half the parent that I am blessed to have, my parents.   

Happy 16th Birthday Tyler….


 "Happiness is found where interests and capabilities intersect.  If you do what you love and then master it so you can do it much better than anyone else you know, it is entirely possible to make a living from it.  Even better, you will not get tired out from working when your work interests you.  The key is to find the point at which what you love, what you’re good at, and what people will pay for, intersect."