Dsc_3105Pete had his birthday today and I actually baked a cake!  I have to say it tasted better than it looked.   Happy birthday to my man!  As always he was just happy being with the family.  He came home in time to even take Tyler to basketball practice which more of a gift to me.  I think he was impressed that I made that cake all by myself.  I hope he does not think that I am going to start baking.  I can assure him that won’t be happening.Dsc_3110

I made my way through my scrapbook studio to clean things up and get things off the floor.  I have to say that I have a 2 foot pile of magazines Dsc_3112_2to read but at least they are in one pile.  And, I completed a project for FiberMark that was due today.  It is an altered composition book.  Their textured papers work great on those school composition books.  This was a fun project to do.