Birthdaycake_2 So today I went to the gym and did something for the last time……..I punched in age 36 on the treadmill.  Yep, tomorrow (Friday) I launch into a new year.  And the first thing I got for my birthday is a head cold!  I am guessing that flowers will be waiting for me on the table in the morning. Pete offered to take all three kids to get ice cream tonight (without me) and they all came home in dead silence. I think he threatened them with their lives if they told.  Oh he is so predictable and sweet.  As of 9:20 pm tonight he is denying it but he is a bad liar.  I am thankful because not only did I get an hour of silence and an ice cream but I may be waking up to some flowers. He is still sitting here denying so who knows…

Today I was not feeling too good and slept much of the day away. I have to get better to go take my Body Blast class tomorrow at the gym.  My friend Victoria, our trainer will be interviewed and video-taped in our class from our local news.  She threatened my life if I was not there so I will be there with bells on.  I am excited for her! 

We also found out that that Pete would not have to leave for 6 weeks in May.  woo hoo!  Last week we found out he was scheduled to go to Arizona for work but that was canceled so we are thankful.  Like I told him, we have done it before and we can do it again but no one wants to.1_3

2_2Today I received my latest publishing in Scrapbooking for the Time Impaired.  It is a very nice idea book.  I created this layout last year for Tyler’s teacher.

Friday will be another busy one.  After I get my flowers in the morning (the ones Pete is still denying), I will head to the gym.  I have to work tomorrow at the motorcycle shop (yes, I got yet another job!) and then I think we will go to dinner to celebrate my birthday.  I am holding out hope that I can fight off this cold and be well for my birthday gig on Saturday.  6 of my friends are coming over to scrapbook and eat…three of my most favorite things to do (be with friends, eat and scrapbook). 

I will make sure to photograph those flowers in the morning.