Dsc_2981_2Today my boys spoiled me with flowers, chocolates and a wonderful card.  The three of them went out last night and got them after Pete’s game AND they all kept the secret.  I woke up to these surprises on the kitchen table.  Although I don’t consider myself high maintenance where I expect these things I have to say it is a wonderful way to start your day. Pete, as usual wowed me with his words in the card.  Dsc_3015

Once I got the kids all to school with their Valentine’s and goodies I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  From there Pete and I went to preschool to enjoy the twin’s party.  Pete so rarely gets to attend school functions due to work so he was happy to go.  Micky & JoJo had already told their teacher that he would be snack helper with them.  First they entertained us with three songs.  The camera kept clicking because they are so darn cute.  Then they exchanged cards and sat down for their sweet treats. Dsc_2983 Pete made a great snack helper.Vday_cards 

I was proud of myself for making most of the Valentine’s stuff  including a card for the teachers. I always yearn for more time to do these sorts of projects so was happy to do this for the kids   

We finished our day by celebrating Dad’s birthday.  Pete has to work on his special day tomorrow so we went out to dinner at Outback and celebrated.  It was a very special way to spend Valentine’s day. February is a big time for birthdays so….HAPPY Birthday to my cousin Christine & Pete’s nephew Danny!