Inspired Helmar USA, Inc. is a proud sponsor of Donna Downey's Inspired Event May 13th-15th in North Carolina.  I am excited to be teaching two mini workshops. 

We are loaded up and ready to hit the road tomorrow on the way to the East Coast.  This event is a gathering of art fanatics and an immersion in a variety of arts and crafts.  I get to be there teaching with my favorite Helmar adhesives and art mediums. 

I am excited to be part of such a creative and inspiration event.  This is an opportunity to take our show on the road and show off our great adhesives.  I also am excited to mix business and pleasure and hang out with the likes of Donna Downey, Stacey Julian, Pam Garrison, Suze Weinberg……..and that only names a few AND….I get to hang out with all the Inspired attendies!

So please check out my Workshop.


My two workshops are Thursday and Saturday from 9:30-10:30 pm so I hope those artists are ready for a dose of me at that time.  I can foresee lots of "Awake" tea for that evening.  I cannot wait. 

I truly feel Inspired.

Tracy Weinzapfel
President, Helmar USA, Inc.