Discover the magic of creating an art journal page featuring a heart and flower using amazing techniques that bring everyday items to life! I’ll show you how to craft a stencil from painter’s tape, forming the perfect heart shape for your design. We’ll also use an old hotel room key to apply vibrant colors, adding a dynamic and textured look to your page. These fun and easy-to-follow techniques are perfect for artists of all levels!

Prep your page by taping off the edges with Painter’s Tape and adding a coat of White Gesso to your art journal. Then, I’ll add Green Gold, Primary Yellow, Peacock Teal, and white to my background. I’ll add the paint in up-and-down and side-to-side strokes.

painting mixed media background

Next, I’ll create a stencil using my painter’s tape. Rip off pieces of painter’s tape until it’s the correct size to completely cover your page. I’ll place this on a cutting mat, use a pencil to doodle a heart, and cut it out with an exacto knife. Remove the heart and place the stencil that you created onto your page, making sure it is flat and secure. 

creating a stencil out of painter's tape

I’ll prime the heart with a coat of White Gesso. Dry with a heat tool. Next, I’ll add Pyrrole Red, Primary Magenta, Peacock Teal, and white paint to my heart using an old hotel room key card. Dip the card into your paint and swipe it onto your page. I’ll also add Prussian Blue Hue and Pyrolle Red onto the outskirts with a dry paintbrush. Take a Stabilo Black Aquarellable pencil and outline your heart, then dry with a heat tool.

Remove the stencil tape and continue doodling around the heart with your pencil, smudging it with your fingers.

mixed media heart in art journal

I’ll add Prussian Blue Hue paint around the edges of my page with a paintbrush. Since my Aquarelle Pencil is activated by water, I’m going to mist around the edges of my heart with water and smudge it more with my finger. Dry with a heat tool.

Place your heart painter’s tape cut-out on top of the heart you painted. Take a wet fan brush, dip it into Peacock Teal paint, and tap your paintbrush above your page to create a splatter effect on the background. Continue this same technique with black and Pyrrole Red. Dry with a heat tool and remove the painter’s tape heart.

Finally, I’ll use a liner brush and black paint to outline my heart and add a flower to the bottom right area of the heart. Dry with a heat tool and remove the painter’s tape on your edges.

finished art journal page

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