or is that the Rainy City?  I am coming to you live from Chicago (actually more like dead-tired from Chicago).  My Internet connection is not great so pictures will have to come when I return.  I have had a couple of fun-filled busy "work" days.  When you get paid to glue "work" is kind of a lose term.  When you are paid to do what you love and get to share it with others "work" does not seem like the right word.  Unfortunately, I have not had the time to properly walk the other booths but did manage to get over to the ones I have worked so hard for.  Best Creations, Buttons Galore, and the Scrappin Sports have some awesome booths (and I am not just saying that because my work is there.  OK, maybe I am a bit biased).  The Helmar booth has been busy.  I have taught one make N take after another and could pretty much teach this project in my sleep (hey, I think I did last night!).  Each and every group of women is different and I just love sitting there getting to know everyone. This trade show has been a bit slower (in my opinion) but the booth has had lots of activity and some new good contacts. 

Today was no exception.  Making Memories Magazine came by the booth with film-crew in hand and guess what……….little ‘ole me was taped doing some demo’s!  The Editor Beth Williams knew who I was!  ME!  Too bad I had no clue at first who she was and then it came to me.  It was fun sitting at the Helmar booth doing a demo and just talking to her on camera. 
P7190127 P7190112
(ugh…….download time stinks so more pictures when I get home).

Also, I had this little idea of doing a giveaway every day at 3 pm and everyone is a sucker for free stuff.  I was so nervous that I would have two people sign up and it would be an embarrassing moment for me but nope, the people showed up and hooted and hollered!.  I was up on a chair and was my loud and obnoxious self which went over well.  What a ton of fun and to think I was so nervous it would be  flop.

I have so much to share and many funny stories and Jennifer with Scrappin Sports is not allowed to share how dingy I was today!  Boy, is she a hoot.  Jennifer if you are reading this thanks for making me laugh!   Over and out………pictures and more fun stories when I return.