So I will follow up my last post with an athletic escape.  Last week a friend and I escaped to the beach for a hike and a touch of tranquility.  We are so lucky to live so close to paradise and trust me, if I was not double knotting soccer cleats every day I would find more time to be here.  But just knowing it is there when we need it is not something I take for granted.  When you are from the Midwest that is something you never have far from your mind.  The heat in September pretty much paralized activities inland in Southern California so the beach was a nice place to get a little cool down and a little exercise.

Hike copy 
I will not even go into details on the totally fattening Mexican food we had for lunch to replenish those calories we just hiked off.  Oh but boy it was so good! 


Ok, so maybe I don't need the fruity drink after all.  Just the sound of the waves, salty air, some hiking, and lauging with a great friend is all the escape I need.