Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and take a hiking break.  Now one thing nearly knocked me off my chair was a phone call from Miss Kelly herself asking ME to go hiking.  Now when I say asked me that is kind of a loose term.  Actually it was more like this:

Kelly:  "Trace, you going hiking?"
Tracy: "I had not planned on it.  Why?"
K:  "Just wondering"
T:  "You going?"
K:  "Ummmm, nah just wondering"
T:  "Kelly, are you taking a poll or do you want to go hiking?"
K:  "Well, I should because I missed last week but I don’t know if I want to go"
T:  "We should go but I am so busy getting ready"
K:  "OK, you get ready"
T:  "Nah, let’s go. I could use the break and exercise"
(Insert more pauses, himming and hawing and some excuses)
T:  "OK, see you at the base of the mountain"
K:  "Fine"

So I want to share that I am rubbing off on Kelly.  She made that initial phone call!  I am so proud of her. So up we went for the most perfect hike.  Fresh air and exercise. 

P7140001 I mean, who does not want to see this?
P7140002 P7140005

And the perk of all this was I got some mojo back and completed a complete mini album (I will photograph & share tomorrow)!  I needed that little push to clear the noggin and have some "Kelly Therapy".  Have I mentioned just how wise this great friend of mine is?  Not to mention all her huffing an puffing keeps her from really calling me a nut!  Thanks Kel!  I had a great time and it was exactly what I needed!