Today was another lazy day around the house so in the midst of not feeling very creative I decided to get my rear off the chair and go take a quick hike.  It is very cool here so a mid-afternoon hike felt so good.  With this cool air comes some very clear skies and you can see straight to the ocean from the peak.  That is pretty amazing to see how close the ocean is to us when it is a good 45 minute drive.  The fresh air did me some good and I could feel that pumpkin pie burning away…
PC271216 PC271234 

Isn't this neat, someone decorated a tree on the trail.  This brightend my day…… 
PC271220  PC271224  

I could feel that pumpkin pie just burning away and I huffed and puffed my way up that darn mountain (oh it was so hard)
PC271228  PC271246 
PC271227 This view is worth seeing again.

Ok, so I admit I needed a rest along the way.  I like to think of myself as burning the calories off in resting motion.
PC271240   PC271238  

By the way……………as I type this I am eating yet another piece of pie!  And I am loving every minute of it!