This is the time of year I have 500 pictures to share every day but have zero time to post them so instead I will give you snippets of my life.  Last week I had the pleasure of two holiday concerts…..

Two 1st grade holiday parties………….
_TWB4083  _TWB4063  

NOTE:  This hat caused major meltdown……he forgot it at home so being the "Mom of the Year" that I am I ran home and got it for him.  I get to school and he had the audacity to not be wearing it so I slapped it on his head and made him put it on.

_TWB4145 _TWB4172  
_TWB4198  _TWB4206  
_TWB4179 _TWB4211  
_TWB4223  She gets her flexibility from her mother.
_TWB4231  They are cute and flexible!  Makes me sick.

AND THAT WAS ALL FRIDAY!  Today we prepared for my parents visit.  They are enroute from Michigan and are projected to be here on Monday.  I am happy to say that today I finished my holiday shopping and even took time out to have lunch with a friend.  That was fun and needed after the week I had. 

Sunday I have a photo shoot in the morning, Christmas cookie decorating and more cleaning.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I am off to go do some backbends and cartwheels.