What do you get when you mix Nike gear, ornaments and sweat………that would be holiday hiking.  Kelly and I layered up to battle Mother Nature and hike our favorite mountain.  When I say battle it means going out in the 62 degree weather with some clouds.  I sure have softened up in my years of living in Southern California. 

At the top of our favorite mountain for the second year in a row someone has decorated a Christmas tree.  It is so beautiful to see.  With the cooler air and freshly rained landscaping it is refreshing to hike your way up to see this decorated tree.  It really gets us in the spirit. 

PC132526a PC132528a

The ornaments glisten and it gives us a minute to catch our breaths



 So what do two grown women do as they admire the spender of this tree………well pose for photos of course!






Along with that craziness we got to enjoy the beauty of the day.  We also discussed world peace, health care reform, and global warming.  Ok, so those topics may not have come up as we were too busy talking about the "cold", bacon, potato chips, and being over 40 (to which I have NO idea how that feels!).  We did make time to take in the beauty of the day.