We finally headed to The Grove in La Brea for our featured event…….The American Girl Store.  The girls were so excited.  Equipped with their dolls we headed in for some shopping and then our lunch at 2:30 pm.  The girls enjoyed the clothing, accessories, and got new backpacks for their dolls.  Kayla had her doll's ears pierced and Micky's doll got new pajamas and a new outfit. 

Let me tell you this was a lot of girl stuff in one day for me but I enjoyed following along and taking pictures.

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I did enjoy our stop in Victoria's Secret where I checked out their new workout line.  I was entertained in the dressing room when I tried on a workout bra and got trapped in it.  It was comical calling out to my mom who had gone downstairs and I could not get out of this contraption.  I went outside to be surprised by the new mannequins in the display windows. 
_TWB5175 _TWB5174  
_TWB5171 _TWB5173  

After a long day of pink things, dolls, shopping and girly stuff we headed home.  We all had a great time!