Dsc_2357_3 Have you ever wondered what I look like sipping champagne while shopping at Louis Vuitton?  Well, wonder no more!   Yep, here I am doing just that.  This was one of the highlights on our trip yesterday to Hollywood.  We started the day out at 5 am and headed up to L.A. to see a taping of the Dr. Phil show.  Once we got there we had VIP seating (don’t ask me how we got that) and were escorted into the taping.  All-in-all we were not impressed with Dr. Phil.  He really did not acknowledge the crowd at all and in all due respect with that make-up he looked like a talking corpse.  The show topic was "Weddings Gone Bad".  Basically it boiled down to three young couples where the women did not get their fairy-tale wedding and boy are their husbands paying for it.  I felt like Dr. Phil was "Captain Obvious" and those woman need to spend time in a cancer treatment center to figure out what "horrible & tragic" really are. Dsc_2350_1 The best part were the great seats we had (right behind the couples) and seeing the behind-the-scenes of how they tape the show.  I of course was fasicnated with the photographers & videographers.  Since our seats were right in front the camera seemed to hone in on us quote a bit.  They could not even let us know what the show would air so I need to keep checking on that. 

From there we headed to Rodeo drive and we were starving.  We ate at Nate & Al’s Delicatessen and it was delicious!  We walked out with full bellies and decided to hit those ever famous shops on Rodeo Drive.  Now pretty much everyone knows I hate shopping but this proved to be an interesting afternoon.  The salesman at Versace followed us so closely that I could feel his breath over my shoulder.  I am not sure if it was my jeans and New Balance that gave me away but needless to say he did not like me picking up the $1000 shoes.  Man-alive who would spend $1000 on two shoes!  From there we hit Louis Vuitton.  I had just told my mom that I always wanted to shop where they offered you champagne and sure enough thisDsc_2361_2 guy comes around with a tray of wine, water & champagne. Susan and Mom looked at me in disbelief when I grabbed a glass off the tray.  It was so funny.  They had enough watching me drink it so they too partook in the bubbly delight.  Of course I had to grab the camera out for this Kodak moment.  We all had a great time together but were clearly exhausted when we drove home on Sunset Blvd (almost rear-ending that Jag woke us all up).  It was a great day spending time with my mom and Susan doing something out of the ordinary.  Sandiegochargers

I have to take a moment and Post a cheer for our San Diego Chargers.  They have their first playoff game on Sunday at 1:00 PM. and we will be glued to the TV rooting them on.   It is not every day that our lightening BOLTS are on the path toward the Super Bowl so GO CHARGERS!