I cannot express what an amazing vacation we had but my pictures can.  I will spend the next few days re-capping because as I looked back at over 500 pictures I looked happy, I feel happy and I am happy that I come from such an amazing family.  Special thanks to my parents for:

  • raising us with family values
  • having their oldest grandson out for a week
  • spending so much individual time with each of your grandkids which they will value for LIFE!
  • being two of my best friends
  • making this and so much more possible
  • being just who they are
  • ….and so much more (words cannot express)!

This vacation took me from my first house in Detoit….


to my second house in Brighton….


and finally to my parents house which they continue to fill with love and family memories.


Sometimes you just have to look back at where you have been to see how far you have come.  I also took in a day at Michigan State which is still one of my most favorite places I lived!!!  This was a great visit….

W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens where I raced to classes and never took in the beauty of it but this time I did…


I think Sparty, my big metal man missed me….but we picked up right where we left off.


My most favorite place on campus has always been along the Red Cedar River, right in front of the library…

TWB_9871a TWB_9878a

Home is definitely where my heart it…..I love my home and life in California but Michigan will always be a big part of me.  So many things to share from this great trip.  This was only day one of our vacation!

I ♥ Summer……


"Today I am thankful…"