The great thing about living in San Diego is having so many great places to see and venture out to.  I realize there is so much to see and on occassion I will just grab my camera and see different parts of the city.  This weekend it was Pacific Beach.  I hit the beach for the sand between my toes and ventured about window shopping. 

When I happened upon……..this oh so familiar flag…….

TWB_2063a A whole bar dedicated to Michigan State!  Look who was also there!

I have missed you Sparty!  It was a great afternoon where I watched the first half of the MSU vs Notre Dame (ugh……we won't talk about the outcome) but to be among so many MSU shirts it felt like home.  One beer later I was on my way home, camera in hand, smiling……

TWB_2060aand half hour later I was back to my friend's garage (yes, this really is their garage) to the "local establishment" I adore so dearly laughing until there were tears in my eyes with my good friends.

TWB_2068aHome is where your heart is…………home is where your friends are.  Thankful for those friends who make me laugh until tears pour out of my eyes and who always save me a seat.


"The only way to have a friend is to be one." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson