Home sweet home after wrapping up things at CHA in Wednesday and I thought by now I would be unloading the amazing pictures from an amazing show! Unfortunately that is not the case. I barely made it through Wednesday upright! Thankfully I gave up the heavy lifting and dismantling of the booth to Mark and my dad. I was down for the count and could only whisper how things should be packed up. Thankfully the months of planning and days of setup were able to be packed up in hours and we headed South. I was feeling downright horrible and had given my all.

I could only muster the strength to crawl to my bed that night. Thursday I was confined to bed and by Friday I knew a doctor was in order because my hair follicles literally hurt.

Doctor diagnosis….the flu and pneumonia! Bummer! I am confined to bed rest after an amazing and up-lifting week! I hate bed rest! It is so boring but you basically give in when it hurts to blink.

The real bummer is not being able to cuddle with the kids as I had wanted. I had to miss Ty’s soccer game on Thursday where of course he got his first goal of the season with a header! And they won!! Oh man!

And most of all I am needing to unpack and follow up from an amazing show! But no, I have to sleep it off! Thank heavens that my parents are still here because there is nothing like having your mom take care of you when you are sick. I instantly feel like a kid again…home made chicken soup, mom rubbing my back and her love. The only thing missing is her going out to buy me a Teen Beat magazine. Meanwhile dad took care of the offload for me.

Still tons to do but feel loved as I recoup. Thankfully for as bad as pneumonia can be I think we got it early but boy has it been a lesson that you can only run your body so hard and then you learn. So recovering is what I am all about. Just a trip to the kitchen exhausts me.

Penny has been my constant companion! She has not left my side since I returned and has even snipped at anyone who tried to take her from my bed. What a great sick buddy who loves to cuddle!

Thank you all for the messages, texts, posts, and even flowers with well wishes! Means so much to me and I am determined to be well again!

For those who have asked I do plan to be LIVE for Helmar Ustream Monday! I am not gonna rush it by planning a project but we are going to have a CHA wrap up and Q & A chat! I miss my girls and wanted all the Helmar fans with me so we will chat live!!

So I have heard the message and am resting so I can return 100% as soon as possible. I miss everyone from CHA and I am thankful for that week! It really meant more to me than anyone will ever know! I cannot wait to share the pictures! Love all the tagged photos especially those from the workshop! If you all just knew what this journey means to me! It is my journey that I am so thankful has so many special people in it!! We all need that.

Have a great and restful weekend all! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home