Yes, Penny (also affectionately known as "The Furball") has come home sewn up as good as new.  The became well known at the Veterinary Hospital and the staff offered to keep her around but I did bring her home. 

I first want to thank The Adobe Animal Hospital as they made this experience as enjoyable as possible for Penny and I.  Their ENTIRE staff was warm and helpful for this first time dog owner.

I especially want to thank Dr. Wood and Leah!
I do believe that things happy for a reason and there are no accidents.  I found it fun and heart-warming to know that these two special people also are Michigan State alumni too!  How funny is that?  It was pretty ironic I was adorned in Green & White for this weekends big game…….
So on that note, thank you to all who called and wrote to me!  I said it yesterday that I could go through the worst stuff and then mention my dog had surgery and everyone perks up "What kind of dog do you have".  You fine animal loving folks are truly a faithful bunch.  I have yet to take my oath into your coveted group but am happy to have our Penny home. 


Go right through for MSU, Watch the points keep growing,
Spartan teams are bound to win, They're fighting with a vim!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
See their team is weakening, We're going to win this game,
Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!
Victory for MSU!
~Michigan State University Fight Song