Last weekend I took the opportunity to return Home Sweet Home. I would like to say it was my idea and I grabbed life by the you-know-whats but I will give credit to my fella.  Let me back up.   My cousin was supposed to come out and visit when her husband was here on business and stay at our house.  I was over-the-moon excited!.   She has MS…stupid Multiple Sclerosis (insert lots of swear words to describe this).  And stupid Mr. MS flared up on her and she had to cancel last minute.  She was unable to come and in that moment it hit me how much I missed her, my family and home.  John took over from there and suggested I grab life by the cajones and just fly out.  I have life, work, kids, life, dinners, sports, things to paint, life and more life.  Who has that time?

When we don’t make the time we lose that time.  So this weekend I found myself on a plane homeward Mitten bound.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I got to celebrate the promotion of one of my cousins, spend time with my Aunts, my parents came from a day AND……paint!

It was time off, time away from the stuff and a reminder that sometimes you have to be pushed and prodded but those breaks are needed and life will wait for you.  The work will be there (heck nowadays we are mobile and can take it along), the kids have an awesome village to help out (and I would do the same for them) and LIFE is TOO DAMN PRECIOUS!  How many times do you find yourself saying that?  How many excuses can we make?

It filled my heart to land in Michigan in the middle of Fall, feel the cool crisp air and feel the hugs and kisses of family. Heck, I got them right off the plane…


I got to meet my cousin’s friends and celebrate her promotion and sit in the hot tub and just girl talk. I am so proud of her!!!  and her friends are great too.  So glad their brother (my cousin) Joshua came over too!


They are the sisters I never had and felt good to just laugh and share.  We are blessed with one very cool family and sometimes those breaks are needed.  This picture defines my weekend.  I respect and love all these Moms, Aunts and Cousins in this photo.  They help define and shape who I am today.


Upon leaving my cousin told me this was the happiest and the healthiest she had been in while and it warmed my heart.  It was the same for me. My smile says it all here where I am home…..


I also got to spend creative time with Bre Bre Bre who I found out took up painting 6 months ago as a therapy to deal with her MS….it is good for her mind and hands.  AND she is amazing!  So funny to be such kindred spirits from afar.  We painted until the wee hours of morning and I swear the two of us never stopped smiling.   Of course we visited local art stores and Dollar Tree so we could gather new supplies for her to play with.  (OK so I could not leave DecoArt talk at home and got to work doing what I love).  She has a brand new art journal that I got to break in for her sharing fun techniques.  She has rooms and rooms of awesome canvases.  So we started her an Etsy Store too:  Bree’s Creative Therapy…………..(she has no idea I am sharing).  If you are looking for some awesome Home Decor pieces she is amazing!  She will be building this up!  It is Bree’s Creative Therapy!  She is a pure example of not letting her situation define her but propel her to new things.  Very proud of her.  Her laugh and smile are contagious.   May we always be mindful that everyone is dealing with something.


I loved being able to see my parents too!


Special thanks to Yukon and Calvin too for making me look like the Dog Whisperer.  Or was it them who whispered to me…


So when life gets to you remember to take/make those chances to escape, refuel the soul and put that smile back on your face.  Remember it does not need to involve a lot of money, a plane ride or something big.  Just make the time…..there will always be excuses.  For me it was about the fall  leaves, the taste of Rock ‘n Rye Faygo and trips to Meijers…


Special Special thanks to my Love for keeping the home fires burning, the wheels on the bus turning and being the best travel agent.  He is my rock that knows when it is best to stick me on a plane.  I love you John Stratton.  On the plane I had a few tears leaving but moreover I felt fulfilled.  Home is where the heart is……..

Live with all you’ve got….be the brightest light with the biggest smile…leave every person and place happier than you found it…and you’ll see that you ARE are making SUCH a big difference.”