Homecoming for my oldest this week.  Boy have the times changed from the days when I went…..it was such a big deal (huge puffy dress, hair done, big corsages and planning weeks in advance).  I had to mention it to Ty and see if he was even going.  He was casual about it and of course I was glad but was still excited that he was going.  I am sure it was a bigger day for me than for him!

We made it a day about friends and he carpooled with his buddy while his family came over for dinner.  There is nothing better than hosting a dinner party at your house and you don't even have to cook (Thanks Victoria!)

It was great to see the boys off……….

proud parents…….

it was a great evening spent with good friends.  Did I mention the food was delicious too! 

What a change from these days in the 80's…..


Oh boy did I rock the female mullet or what?  Oh those were the days of wrist corsages and puffy dresses. 


"Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality, and likes that turned into love" ~Unknown