That is how I would describe this weekend.  It was over 100 degrees yesterday and today. What is Mother Nature trying to do to this Baseball Mom?  I mean seriously 100 degrees at the baseball fields makes you feel like a piece of bacon.  Come on Mommy Nature, please cut us some slack until June 7th (after closing ceremonies of course). 

So not only was it hot but on Saturday the twins had to be on the fields at 10 am and Tyler had a 1 pm game so I was there from 10 am to 4 pm!  That should not be legal.  Basically, I just followed along and roasted out there.  I felt for all the players.  I complained but I had the pleasure of standing under a tree with 7 leaves which shaded my big toe.  Those pour guys had to stand out there with no protection and those hot black shirts (yes, the Team Mom was smart enough to ditch the team jersey and wear a tank top & shorts).  So how am I allowed to complain?  Well, just because I can.  It is about this time in the season where the kids look at me longingly like "do I really have to play Mom".  To which I reply with a smile "Of course you do Dear………this will be fun".  Who am I trying to kid?

I did have some fun shooting the twin’s t-ball team.  There is something about twelve 4-7 year olds who have very short attention spans.  Their "ready" position is quite humorous… is one of our players (with our ever-so patient coach standing close by) in his "ready" position:
Dsc_2136 Yes, this is the "Ready" position
Dsc_2144_2 Now this is more like the "Ready For Bed" position
Dsc_2149 Looks like the Coach’s motivational speech worked…he is "Ready" again.

I think this is one of the great joys of watching T-Ball.  You get to watch the grass picking, the twirling of the baseball glove, and of course the "I gotta go pee pee dance".  Oh how I love TBall!