Another summer mini vacation is over.  Friday my friend Melissa called and they were spending the weekend in Palm Springs.  Basically in a matter of minutes we decided to hop in the car and head to Palm Springs for the weekend.  I have never packed up a family of five so fast.  We were there by 4 pm and poolside with our friends.  We had numerous issues with our hotel but nothing to turn us from a great weekend.  We love Fred, Melissa, and of course Parker.
It was crazy HOT!  It reached 120 degrees on Saturday.  Man alive that is hot.  We were poolside all day.  The kids (ok and us adults) loved the slide!  The big pool was too darn hot to swim in.  We got Dsc_6090 a kick out of watching Joey go down the slide like humpty dumpty.  It was hilarious watching him roll around.  They all had a blast. 
It was even too hot to take pictures but the girls did let me take them out by the water for some pictures.  Those two look so much like sisters. Dsc_6172_1
Friday  Melissa and I got take-out at Islands Restaurant.  Of course they forget my onion rings.  Since I had the craving I drove all the way back.  Call me crazy!  Saturday we both slipped out for some slots at the local casino.  I had no luck but Melissa got lucky at the very end on a $1 slot.  We came back early and they went out to dinner with a friend while we got pizza delivered to our room.  We were exhausted! 
Sunday we were up early again for another day at the pool.  We lunched at Ruby’s and then we were both off our respective ways.  It was the end of great mini vacation.  Being with our friends was the best.  Melissa and I go back a long way and got a good laugh discussing how we ended up such a great friends.  We certainly are the odd couple.  Here are some of the pictures!